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Audio Sessions – Lil Wayne – Mental Health Doesn’t Discriminate

Audio Sessions

Mental Health Doesn’t Discriminate Feat. Lil Wayne – Uncomfortable Conversations with Emmanuel Acho.

5 time Grammy award winner, @Lil Wayne opens up for the first time ever about the details of his attempted suicide at age 12. Lil Wayne discusses his life long mental health struggles in a brave and vulnerable conversation with Emmanuel Acho. Listen as Wayne speaks with a transparency that we’ve never seen before. If you, or anyone else you know, has ever struggled with anxiety, depression, loneliness or any other mental health challenges – this is for you.

1:09 – Lil Wayne shares why he wants to talk about mental health
3:38 – Lil Wayne shares his attempted suicide story
9:07 – How his attempted suicide changed his family
10:16 – Loneliness while a megastar
12:07 – The lowest point of his career
13:37 – Where his mental health is now
14:35 – Lil Wayne’s message to the world on mental health
15:18 – Lil Wayne speaks to parents of kids with mental health struggles

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