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Charli XCX – One Of The Hottest Pop Stars Of The Moment

She was about to release a highly anticipated album in the spring of 2020 when, well, a mega tragic event happened. What was that event? Oh, don’t play coy! It was 2020, so you know that we are talking about the Covid-19 pandemic.

What was a popstar supposed to do at a time like that? She wanted to absolutely release the album and give her fans a show, so she did an online dance party to release the album when she was in her living room while wearing a strappy hot pink bra and panty that show off her cleavage, midriff, and her thick thighs. She dances for her fans and even twerks with her ass to the laptop. Wow, she is really so kind to her fans!

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We see Charli XCX in a lot of other hot scenes, too. She gets out of bed while wearing her black panties and a shirt before she covers up her legs with jeans. We get to even see her wash herself up in the bath, but the camera stays trained right above her chest. It looks like we might get a slip of nip, but we never actually do. We also get to watch her get ready while she is just wearing her black bra and panties – that cleavage!

Charli XCX has us wishing that we were alone with her. Maybe next time Charli XCX can get a little more XXX.

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