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Coco Jones “More Lush R&B That Pairs Intimacy With Style”

Courtney Michaela “Coco” Jones an American singer and actress. Raised in Lebanon, Tennessee, she began auditioning in Nashville as a child to pursue a career in entertainment. She rose to prominence starring in the Disney Channel film Let It Shine (2012) and was featured on Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing from 2010 to 2011. After her departure from Disney, Jones began releasing her independent singles and EPs beginning in 2014. As of March 2022, Jones is officially signed to Def Jam Recordings.

Early Life

Jones was born in Columbia, South Carolina, but raised in Lebanon, Tennessee, a small town near Nashville, to former NFL player Mike Jones and session vocalist Javonda Jones, Her brother, Mike Jones Jr., is a current LSU linebacker. She began singing at a very young age. Her first stage performance was at the age of six when she performed “America the Beautiful” to a crowded auditorium of parents at her kindergarten graduation. At the age of nine, she met with the casting heads for Disney. After that, she became an actor and songwriter. In 2006, she competed on Radio Disney, where she became known for her song “Real You”.

2014–2022: Independent Music, Film And Television Roles

In January 2014, Jones was dropped from Hollywood Records, becoming an independent artist. On August 29, 2014, Jones released a lyric video for her debut independent single, “Peppermint”. It was officially released on iTunes on September 4, 2014.

Jones was featured in a Fanta commercial in July 2017 alongside YouTubers and other public personnel who value the idea of self expression. Jones was featured in 1950s-era jazz film Flock of Four in April 2018. In September of that year she released a song called “Just My Luck” along with its music video. On September 3, 2019, Jones released a song called “Depressed”. On September 20, 2019, she released an 8-track EP titled H.D.W.Y..

In August 2020, it was announced Jones will appear in the upcoming holiday film White Elephant and horror film Vampires vs. the Bronx.

In September 2020, Jones spoke on her YouTube channel about her negative experiences in the beginning of her career. According to her, she was told following Let It Shine that she would star in a sequel to the movie, be given her own television series, and be able to release a studio album. Eventually, executives decided she was not marketable enough, and these plans fell through. Jones encouraged her audience to “do the math” about the situation and stated colorism is a problem in the industry. Audio bytes from Jones’ video began circulating in video clips on social networking site TikTok, with some clips reaching millions of views. Later that year, Jones released the single “Hollyweird” in November 2020.

In September 2021, Jones was cast in Peacock’s The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reimagining Bel-Air, portraying Hilary Banks. The show would eventually premiere in February 2022.
2022–present: Signing to Def Jam Recordings and What I Didn’t Tell You

On March 20, 2022, Jones announced that she had signed a new artist deal with High Standardz and Def Jam Recordings. Her major label debut single “Caliber” was released on March 25, 2022, and also served as the lead single for her major label debut EP What I Didn’t Tell You. After the release of the EP’s second single “ICU”, as well as the non-album Amazon Music exclusive single “Love is War”, the EP was released on November 4, 2022.

A month prior to the EP’s release, Jones was featured on Babyface’s ninth album Girls Night Out, contributing vocals to the song “Simple”. A music video for the song was also released a week later on October 31.

Stream What I Didn’t Tell You (Deluxe)

On January 20th 2023, Jones released the Deluxe to her EP What I Didn’t Tell You which included “Simple” and 3 new tracks. Jones’ single “ICU” reached No. 21 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart, becoming her first Billboard entry. On February 10th, Jones released “Love Is War” on all streaming platforms and 4 days later she released “Until the End of Time” with Leon Thomas an exclusive Spotify Single.

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